Thierry was another early starter, picking up the banjo at age 13 he has developed into one of the most highly respected Bluegrass musicians to be found on the European scene.
Dedication to the banjo has brought him into contact with some of the prominent names in the Bluegrass world and the friendship of Bill Keith, the father of melodic banjo. Now on mandolin for THE SONS he adds to his playing talent with fine lead and harmony vocals.
Previously he played in Blue Label with Guido and currently also plays banjo and sings in Rawhide. Bluegrass enthusiasm knows no equal; he is the European Bluegrass Network representative for Belgium.

Guido has been playing music since the age of eight! Starting on piano then moving to percussion (drums, xylophone, etc) until at the age of 15 he got his hands on a mandolin and taught himself how to play.
As former member, with Thierry, of the Bluegrass band “Blue Label” Guido also plays acoustic music with other musicians.
His main instrument now is the double bass and his body. Slapping his own body parts ended up with Hambone addiction…
Don’t worry, no injuries involved.
His tenor, lead and harmony vocals and solid bass playing makes the oomph to THE SONS.

Yves is widely known for his phenomenal guitar playing and for his smooth and velvety voice. He started playing guitar at the age of 14 exploring singer-songwriters before moving on to Bluegrass flatpicking. Yves has spent a significant amount of time in the US picking up the bluegrass style of Tony Rice, Tim Stafford and David Grier.
Through the years Yves have played in several prominent European Bluegrass ensembles including Rawhide, Blue Cartel and Rocks & Ivy to mention just a few. Yves’ tight and groovy rhythm and crisp and melodic leads drive the sound of the Sons Of  Navarone.

Paul van Vlodrop  started his musical career in 1975. When he joined the Country Ramblers on mandolin, he toured with them and recorded a live album with Byron Berline in 1981. In 1987 he formed 4 Wheel Drive and produced the music for the Dutch version of A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shephard.
In 2002, he played with 4WD at the IBMA festival in Louisville, Kentucky.
Paul currently teaches banjo and mandolin in Amsterdam, and is frequently asked as a session player for shows and studio work.
He is widely recognised as one of the most influential mandolin players in Europe.